Sugar Scrub Back Facial, Facial Treatment & Manicure

We start with a relaxing sugar scrub back facial! This treatment will exfoliate and treat the one area that you cannot get to on your own to combat dry skin and acne. The back is scrubbed and cleansed; impurities from beneath the skins surface are removed, followed by active ingredients that are applied and massaged leaving you totally relaxed and the skin feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft.

Next you will receive a Comforting Soothing facial treatment. This intensive treatment is ideal for sensitive skin as it soothes and strengthens the skin. The sensation of tightness is gone and redness is eliminated. The perfect solution to combat the aggressions of the severe climate we have been experiencing. With immediate visible results the complexion is now luminous and the skin is beautiful.

While performing this facial treatment, we’ll soothe your tired, over-worked hands with a relaxing manicure. Beautiful, well cared for nails give confidence in appearance. Fingernail care is important to ensure beauty, elegance and health. A regular manicure is necessary for continuous upkeep of your hands and fingernails.
Fall in love with yourself this February and put Self-Care First!

2 ½ hours

Was $220.00

Now Only $198.00!!

Offer expires February 28th, 2023