August Special!       

Swiss line Cell Shock Recovery Facial, with Mini-Micro, Bio-Enzyme Peel & Brow Wax!

We begin this treatment by beautifully shaping your brows with warm wax to help get that perfect shape in place.
Your face is then gradually exfoliated with a gentle sweeping of Microdermabrasion. We then apply our bio-enzyme exfoliant which is activated by the warm steam to help soften and deeply penetrate the pores. Afterwards we apply a highly concentrated cellular complex with purified molecules of Centella asiatica, ("Tiger herb"), ectoin and an award- winning cyclopeptide which has been proven to improve the skins structure and reduce wrinkles by 15%. We then finish with our De-Stress Mask that gives tired skin a unique soothing treatment. The complex of neuropeptides, trace elements and vitamins contribute to the restoration of the skins vitality.
This ideal midsummer Recovery Facial rebalances the skins self-renewal processes; tackles urban lifestyle hazards such as stress, jetlag, sun abuse and even the effects of serious summer indulgences. With immediate visible results the complexion is now luminous and the skin is beautiful.
1 1/2 - 2 Hrs was $286.25

NOW ONLY $186.25!

That's a savings of $100.00!!

expires August 31st, 2019