April Special!

Oxygenating Institute Facial, Eye Treatment & Pedicure

Your skin is a living organ that breathes and renews itself. By oxygenating it, you allow it to fight pollution and prevent it from being suffocated by being clogged with waste products in the tissues which makes it age more quickly. Spring has sprung; now enjoy this intense Swissline facial treatment for a luminous look. Your skin is detoxified and given back its radiance and vitality with this anti-pollution program. Your complexion lights up and your face will become clear and fresh.

While performing this facial treatment, you will enjoy eye perfection for beautiful eyes that sparkle with youth. The delicate eye area is smoothed, revived and refreshed.

The boots are ready to come off and the thought of sandals approaches us. Once nestled into the bed you will enjoy a sensational pedicure as we take care of your feet and get them ready for warmer weather.

1 1/2 Hrs... was $189.00

On Sale for $169.95!

expires April 30th, 2019