March 22, 2022

We know so many people are looking forward to no more masks! We know that we are looking forward to it as well, however for us that will come at a later date.

Due to the nature of our business, and until further notice, all of our service providers will continue to wear masks and we require our clients to continue to wear their masks upon arrival. Once you are in a treatment room you can at this time remove your mask.

Your health is and will always remain our #1 priority. Although things are starting to return to a more normal lifestyle, moving forward we will be continuing with our enhanced safety and sterilization protocols. We would like to thank you for your continued support and we will monitor the present guidelines and provide updates as they come.

July 2, 2021

We are very excited to announce the highly anticipated re-opening of our salon on Friday, July 2nd at 10:00 am!
If you had a previously booked appointment that was missed due to the temporary closure, we will be contacting you directly to reschedule, respecting the priority order. We kindly ask for your patience as we have many appointments to rebook while adhering to strict government guidelines regarding guest capacity.  To ensure the health and safety of our clients, team, and community we will continue to adhere to our previously established procedures and protocols.

April 3, 2021

Ontario will go into another four week, province wide shutdown beginning on Saturday April 3, 2021. Unfortunately all personal care services will remain closed. We are anxiously awaiting the end of this time period, and can not wait to see you all again!

March 8, 2021

Toronto Moves to Grey Zone

It has been many months now and we were wishful to think we would have been reopening this Tuesday March 9th 2021, however somehow we continue to stay strong as we await to enter into the Red Zone.
We are all glad to see Toronto moving forward into the grey zone which is good for the retail sector. Unfortunately, we can not reopen until we reach the red zone.

January 18th, 2021

After this past year of extraordinary challenges for us all, we would like to take this moment to say a huge and heartfelt thank you for making it through 2020 with us.

Since temporarily closing our doors on Monday November 23rd, 2020, we have been closely monitoring the directives and guidance provided by public health authorities.

At this time all appointments are cancelled and we will continue to be temporarily closed for services as per the 28 day lockdown. We will re-open as soon as the government deems it safe to do so.

Due to the growing concerns we will be operating on a limited schedule for curbside pickup until further notice.

Orders Are Filled On

Tuesdays & Thursdays - 11am-2pm.

To get in touch please send us an email or leave a message and I will return your call.
External link opens in new tab or or 416-281-5883 External link opens in new tab or window
We appreciate your understanding and look forward to re-opening as soon as possible.

November 23rd 2020

Although we reopened safely in June, we regrettably have been forced to shut down once again until December 23rd. Although our onsite facility remains closed we will still be here for curbside pickup and phone orders. Please note: Items must be ordered and pre-paid and then a time for pickup will be arranged. You may leave a message or email,  We thank you for your support during this time.

We are OPEN!     


June 24th 2020


1. You will be screened upon booking. Please note if for some reason you are feeling ill please reschedule.


Please call us to cancel your appointment if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. If you do not show without calling to cancel your appointment, you will be required to pay for the missed appointment in full before we will re-book your services.

2. When booking your service(s) make sure if something extra is needed please book it at this time as we will not be able to add things once you are here.

3. Like always we will try our best to accommodate everyone. Please note that some treatment times will be longer than usual. At this time we would prefer telephone bookings rather than emailing. If you do email us please ensure you leave us a phone number to contact you.

4.  Please remember when booking an appointment spaces will be limited. We suggest having a few choices of your desired day and time.


1. You will not be required to wear a face mask however, if you prefer that, please bring a personal mask with you as we will have a limited quantity of disposable masks available.

2. Arrive in clean clothing, with only your personal device and form of payment.

3. Arrive no more than five - 10 minutes before your booked appointment, as designated waiting areas have been minimized. If you come early you will be asked to wait outside until your service provider is ready to serve you.

4. Timing is of the essence, please try to not arrive late.

5. Attend appointments alone. Friends, family members and children are asked to stay at home. If someone is picking you up please advise them to stay in their car and that we will call and advise them when to pick you up.


1. You will be asked to confirm again if you are feeling well – no fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. We will not take your temperature.

2.  We have installed a door bell for you to notify us of your arrival.

3. We ask that upon your arrival to please immediately disinfect your hands using the sanitation station followed by a hot towel to remove any residue. At this time we ask you to sign our contact tracing sheet from the pre screening.

4. Gloves are not necessary. But again if this makes you feel more comfortable then do so. However, we ask that you sanitize your hands first then apply your gloves (do not sanitize gloves). Our entrance doors will be cleaned before and after each client.

5. Outside food and/or drinks will not be permitted in the salon, Magazines are temporarily unavailable.

6. We will still try to serve complimentary beverages, however they will be provided in paper cups.


1. Depending on your treatment some beds have been covered with a protective disposable sheet, others will be covered in examination paper.

2. Facial clients will be asked to change out of their top and will be provided as usual a laundered gown and headband.

3. Manicures will be done at the tables where sneeze guards have been put in place. When combined with other treatments they will follow or be done prior to other services, extending treatment times.

4. You will have only one service provider per visit which will also extend the length of your treatments.

5.  We ask that you bring sandals with you if you are having polish with your pedicure.

6. If you are in need of product(s), Please advise us during your treatment so we can have them ready for the end of your service.



At Parker Skin Care we always encourage rest and relaxation. However, to ensure social distancing and to safeguard our guests we ask that you only stay in our chair/treatment room for minimal time following your treatment.

When paying for service(s) and/or product(s) at the front-desk cash payments will still be accepted but cashless will both be preferred and encouraged.

As you since know since 1978 cleanliness and sterilization are already a standard procedure for us on a daily basis. However, we have taken extra precautions and have put more rigorous cleaning measures in place with additional sanitation procedures and protocols to prevent the spread of germs.



1. Upon arrival be screened and have their temperature taken daily.

2. Wear a mask at all times when in close proximity.

3. Increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting including doorknobs, walls light switches or any areas where guests and staff are in contact.

4. Clean and disinfect the reception area and debit machine before and after every client.

5. Clean and disinfect their chair and treatment rooms before and after every appointment.

6. Clean and disinfecting the bathroom after each use.

7. Sanitize their hands throughout the service when necessary.

8. Keep our door locked to ensure proper sanitizing is carried out when guests arrive.

9. Stay home if they are sick and/or not feeling well.


Good morning;
After being cooped up for quite a while it's good to be able to try and get back to normal and put this virus behind us.
Like so many other people I am a bit nervous about going for appointments. During my last appointment with you I wasn't nervous at all. The steps you have taken to ensure the safety of you, your staff and clients are second to none. Your sanitation and cleanliness were always top notch, so no surprise there.
You've set the bar high.  Keep up the great work and welcome back.

Best regards,
Reta Keats